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Counselling and Psychotherapy

I work holistically and my approach to counselling and psychotherapy is respectful and collaborative.  I aim to create a safe space for you to explore, share and understand thoughts and feelings and the way in which these present themselves.  It takes courage to come to therapy and I will approach our dialogue with respect, compassion and honesty. I support clients in gaining a clear understanding of their areas of pain, frustration and challenge.
We then decide which therapeutic approach is the most suitable.  Every client is different and I personalise each session towards you, your issues and what you want to achieve.
We will work with a range of modalities: Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing ® and Transactional Analysis.  I am also a Level 1 Teacher-in-Training of iRest Yoga Nidra ® and if it seems suitable we can use this approach.

In my work with couples I use all of these approaches and am further guided by Imago Relationship Therapy.

When searching for a counselor or psychotherapist it is vital to follow your intuition to find a person that you can relate to easily:  someone who is genuinely open and interested in you and your problems.  Research has shown that the most important element for successful therapy lies in the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist.  Although the therapist’s experience and training are important, this is a human relationship. Both client and therapist need to be confident that they can engage fully with each other. I am committed to do this with integrity and my whole being.

I offer a warm, collaborative and relational approach promoting personal growth and self-understanding.  I will provide challenge when it is helpful.  I work with individuals and couples of all cultures, religions, genders and sexual orientations.  I see myself as walking alongside you, but my goal is to strengthen your resilience and reconnect you with your own resources.  My intention is to create a healing environment from which to explore and discover your own self-empowerment.  Most important I am passionate to help people discover or restore their own wellbeing of heart, mind and body.

Privacy is essential when dealing with sensitive therapy issues.   I work with the utmost discretion, ethics and high regard for your confidentiality and privacy.

“The most powerful thing the therapist does for us is provide a setting, a nourishing womb, in which our lives can unfold. Through the physical setting and, most important, the setting of his /(her) own being, (s)he creates a place of safety; a trustworthy place where all life is befriended through an affirmation of faith in our wisdom and creativity.”
~ Gregory Johanson, Ph.D., Hakomi Institute Co-Founder and Senior Trainer.

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