Why Psychotherapy & Counselling

Need to be heard?


As a registered Psychotherapist and certified Counsellor, I provide a sympathetic and confidential space where you can talk openly about what is troubling you.


Some people come for just a few sessions and that is all they need.  Others remain with a therapist for anything from a few months to a year or more. Some clients come to therapy for personal development, or as something like a “health check”.   Some come when they are dealing with a crisis in their life and others want to engage in deep and extensive psychotherapy.  It really depends on your goal; whether it is to deal with a specific problem or to free yourself from patterns which limit your ability to enjoy life to the full.  I am here to offer the space for you to explore and find your own rhythm of life – fulfilled, satisfied, nourishing and soul-restoring.


Some people engage in psychotherapy as a way of learning about themselves.  Others want to voice deep thoughts around spiritual issues, the meaning of life, fears and dreams, aspirations, longings and sorrows.  Some come with family issues, work and career matters, bereavement or simply something where a confidential and neutral listener can be helpful.


Talking through things with a Psychotherapist can lead to new perspectives, a richer sense of connection, an increased sense of personal choice and acknowledgment of your own inherent goodness and strength.


Psychotherapy and Counselling can help you find new ways to heal and work through long-established issues, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with beliefs (such as: “I don’t matter” – “there isn’t enough for me” – “I don’t belong” – “I don’t deserve” – “I am not lovable”)  and painful decisions (such as: “Don’t be sane” – “Don’t succeed” – “Don’t trust” – “Don’t need”).



Working with me as a Psychotherapist – Counsellor can help you to address the following:


  • Are you feeling unhappy: is joy missing from your life?
  • Do you live with unresolved anger, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness or frustration?
  • Could you be suffering from Depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions or eating disorders?
  • Do you have difficulty finding and sustaining fulfilling relationships?  Do you avoid intimacy?
  • Do you need to let go of destructive habits:  disordered eating, sexual addictions or obsessional rituals?
  • Do you have phobias, unexplained fears, panic attacks or anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem and body image issues?
  • Have you experienced childhood trauma or the effects of sexual abuse?
  • Do you feel disconnected from others and that no one understands you?
  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • What happened to the old me?
  • Where is my life going?

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